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Mokan Operating is a privately-held oil and gas exploration and production company dedicated to finding new sources of energy in Texas. Mokan Operating uses best business practices to stay on top of the latest developments in the energy industry.  Mokan Operating provides partnership opportunities for oilfield investments to accredited individuals, trusts, and other high net-worth entities looking to add direct participation working interest to their portfolios. Mokan Operating is constantly evaluating additional opportunities.

Recent Activity


Mokan Production Fund acquired the Matlock Fullerton Leases consisting of 100 +/- acres and 17 wells


Mokan Production Fund acquired the Sloan Bryant Leases consisting of 100 acres+/- and 15 wells


Mokan Production Fund acquired the Jackson Brown Leases consisting 200 acres+/- and 17 wells


Gunsight water injector well was tested and passed by the Rail Road Commission.


Mokan has created a production fund where we will be acquiring producing leases.


Mokan has acquired Gunsight II lease, 500 acres Jack County Texas. Mokan is planning on drilling ten wells on the lease for the first phase of development.

Latest News

24 Nov 2014

Cramer: OPEC in Big Trouble

By Mokan Capital In News

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