The US Oil Boom Visualized on a Map of America

The US Oil Boom Visualized on a Beautiful Map of America

Patriotism is a fantastic thing. So are jobs, wage growth, and anything else that contributes to the well being of our country and the people who reside in it.

Yesterday on StockTwits, the incredible map you see above was shared. It comes from the October 6, 2014 edition of Fortune magazine. If you see it on newsstands this week, pick it up.

The map shows how much oil our country is now producing. It is measured on a thousands of barrels per day basis. Each region of the US is divided up and compared to one major exporting oil country from around the world. It puts everything into perspective.

Texas alone produces as much as oil as the United Arab Emirates. The entire midwest produces as much oil as Libya. This huge increase in oil production is adding to our nation’s wealth, resourcefulness, and job growth. Here’s a chart from the US Chamber of Commerce that says everything you need know. You go, America:


We are witnessing an all out oil revolution. And to some extent, it is only just getting started.

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